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Topic: Hello dear friends.I wanto to know

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    Red face Hello dear friends.I wanto to know

    Hello dear friends
    I want to to know if i could download the complete version of Garritan Interactive PRINCIPLES OF ORCHESTRATION by Rimsky-Korsakov
    in pdf or like that to can read at home because i dont have internet at home and i have to read it i cibers cafes and i´m not quiet in these places.....
    Can i donwload it in the complete form with the links , fotographies, etc etc and if it could be also in spanish my hapinness will be to much
    Thanks for yours answers and i send to all of you my "happy new year"
    I wait for yor anwer

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    Re: Hello dear friends.I wanto to know

    Hello Carlos,

    You will find the answer to your question here:


    Happy New Year 2007!


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    Re: Hello dear friends.I wanto to know

    Ok thanks you for your message
    I am so sad because i can´t take the excelent page of Garritan about the Rinsky Korsakov book to read at home
    I will go ro a cibercafe to can read it
    I send to you the best wishes for 2007 and i feel so glad to can comunicate with a person that live so far to me
    I live i Argentina(you know?????)
    Ell i send toi you my webpage if you wanto to hear my music
    The best wishes to the 2007 new year
    Carlos Guido

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    Re: Hello dear friends.I wanto to know


    Thank you for your kind wishes.

    My best to you!


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