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Topic: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

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    terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    I\'m using the above card in my PC with Windows 98SE. I get error code 60000 when I try to start GigaSampler. Anyone been able to get this combo working? According to the Nemesys hardware support site, this card will work with GSampler version 1.6 or later. Can this be confirmed? Terratec\'s support(or lack thereof) claims the card uses a WDM driver and is therefore not compatible to any version of GSampler. I find this hard to believe! The presence of a GSIF is clearly stated in the driver for the card(there is a prominent GSIF logo in the control panel) and on Terratec\'s website. In fact, the GSIF driver is supposed to be multiclient.
    Anybody had any experience with this card? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    The card fully works with GS on my computer! See other topic for more.

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    Re: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    dmx-er: Do you use this driver: Version 5.0.2000.125a? I use this driver and have no problems with it.

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    Re: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    @ luigi
    I am using the latest drivers that you stated. It just doesn\'t work.
    I also see that you are using GigaStudio and not GigaSampler. What version of GigaSTUDIO are you using that works? Also I\'m running 98SE and not XP. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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    Re: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    I use GIGAStudio 160, but I\'m sure the other GIGAStudio versions will work too. Maybe GIGAsampler doesn\'t work with DMX6fire, but I can\'t say that, because I never used GIGAsampler. You could upgrade your GIGAsampler to GIGAStudio, but that will cost some money of course.
    The drivers should work under Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP according to TerraTec, so that can\'t be the cause of your problem, so it must be something else.

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    Re: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    I thought I read somewhere in a DMX6fire readme, that the GSIF drivers are only for GIGAStudio v. 2.5 and above. Maybe that explains why GIGASampler doesn\'t work with DMX6fire.

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    Re: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    @ Luigi
    Hey, thanks for replying and trying to help. You never did say what version of GigaStudio you are using successfully. Is it 2.50??
    I would be very interested in where you saw that readme file. I have looked at the whole Terratec site and found no mention of any Giga (Sampler or Studio) version number.
    Also on the Nemesys hardware support page it says that this card is supposed to support GigaSampler version 1.6 or later. That\'s with Windows 98SE/ME too.

    Take a look here: http://www.nemesysmusic.com/support/nemetips/terratec.html#dmx2496

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    Re: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    I saw that readme file in the directory of the latest DMX6fire Conrolpanel/ readme.txt 4-29-2002. I use GS 160 v. 2.52.06

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    Re: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    Wow. I read thru that readme file from the control panel and you\'re right. It does mention GigaStudio v. 2.50 or higher. I looked before at all the history and readme texts for the driver, but not for the control panel [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] . Thanks for drawing that to my attention. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I don\'t know then what the info at Nemesys\' hardware support page is talking about. I guess they are wrong about the 6fire. hmmm... that\'s frustrating. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]
    Also, if you look at the ASIO control panel(under Settings-->ASIO) it states in that window that the driver supports GigaSampler. Just place your mouse over the GSIF logo and the text pops up. Try it. That\'s also wrong then. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] That must be changed in my opinion.

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    Re: terratec dmx 6fire/ GigaSampler

    I don\'t want to say I\'m absolutely sure that DMX6fire can\'t work with GigaSampler, I only saw this readme file, but other places say that it must be possible to run GigaSampler with DMX6fire. What does the TerraTec support tell you about GigaSampler and DMX6fire? Did you ask them for a solution?
    (By the way, you could upgrade from GigaSampler to GS 32, which is not very expensive: $39.00. Maybe then your GS will work with the card).

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