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Topic: Cubase Sx

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    Cubase Sx

    Hi Everyone,

    Merry Xtmas. I Am New To The Forum & I Have A Question. Can Anyone Tell Me How Cubase Sx Works?

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    Re: Cubase Sx

    Hello and welcome to the Northernsounds forums. The manuals do a good job describing the functions within Cubase, so if you have a legitimate copy of the software the documentation should get you a far piece down the road. Also, the official Cubase forums are a good resource, but that requires that you register with your dongle number in order to participate. Any paying customer would do well to register as a member of those forums.


    Further, it is common forum etiquette to describe a bit of your background with sequencers/notation programs/etc. as well as your goal in using the new software so that folks with compatible experience can do a better job of offering assistance without wasting time offering information on functions you would never use. If you don't have any DAW (digital audio workstation) experience, then perhaps just a description of your goals with the software would suffice.

    Finally, if you're not a new user to Cubase, but are simply interested in seeing Cubase in action, you can check out the online videos at www.SteinbergUsers.com. Also, the Cubase videos at www.auxbuss.com can't be beat, but to see the full instructional set you must be a subscriber.

    Happy Holidays.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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