I have installed my licenced file: GS160 2K V25048 on a win XP Home Notebook (HPzt1180). Afterwards, I installed the latest (no XP approved signature)Quattro driver that midiman documantation suggests for XP. Why does Giga Run in a mode with only 1 port of 16 channels? It also calls itself \"24(v250.48)\" in the about menu. It is the same in ASIO/EASI or MME modes changed in the Quattro panel. I can also see a gig on the external drive when I try to open it through the Open window in one of the channels, but it will not load it, it then makes giga close. Giga quicksound doesn\'t see the external gig drive. Rebuilding quicksound also makes giga close.

Also, are there any suggestions for getting Giga to recognize Quattro, or for any toher GSIF 4 and 8 input card with midi. I have a pcmcia slot and firewire. I have an external firewire drive built by soundchaser for the Gigs and audio recording.

I am so close to being able to break free of the confines of my DAW!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!