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Topic: Gigasampler and logic audio help needed

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    Gigasampler and logic audio help needed

    I wanted to use logic audio\'s sequencer to play midi sounds & samples stored in the gigasampler. I was told that this is easily done by first starting logic audio and this way the \'gigasampler/endless wave\' driver won\'t be greyed out, then start gigasampler and I should now be ready to go.

    The problem is that the driver is greyed out when I open logic audio and go to a midi channel (or track) to set the output of that track to be the
    \'Gigasampler / Endless wave\' midi output.

    No matter what I\'ve tried, the Gigasampler driver is greyed out in the logic window. All the other drivers are enabled and work fine. Any suggestions??

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    Re: Gigasampler and logic audio help needed

    Go here for info, it worked for me.

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