Hi, using the above,
was hoping someone might be able to help with my settings esp on the soundcard.

1)Whenever I load GS then Cubase, all MIDI output via GS crackles until i rechoose the ewx2496 driver in cubase\'s audio system (this doesn\'t work every time, seemingly random, sometimes i have to play with the settings on the master mixer ins and outs in cubase, either way, very annoying).

2)There is an ASIO setting in the card for GSIF plugin mode. Enabling that doesn\'t give me any audio output when playing MIDI through cubase + GS, but the soundcard\'s volume control appears to be outputting audio???

3)Using eg giga piano, the MIDI timing through cubase is appalling and so unstable, maybe i have the wrong \'midi sync\'options in cubase??, but i\'ve played around with them extensively. Think it may be hardware problem though because fairly regularly the (windows) resource monitor (cpu) just maxes out to 100% and doesn\'t come back down again until cubase has been shut down. Obviously cubase stalls when this happens, but doesn\'t crash.

4)Soundcard\'s on the same IRQ as graphics card (thank you mr gates), i\'ve optimised as per the guide (drivers, etc), but have not switched any slots yet.

5)I Cannot record midi to audio in cubase

is it time to start saving for (another) new card, or is there something i can do with the system to make everything just great again (I was thinking open windows and many storeys..!)

Help to any of the above greatly appreciated.

Many thanks