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Topic: GigaStudio and Logic Audio

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    GigaStudio and Logic Audio

    I currently use Logic Audio and EXS24. I use all samples (no MIDI in or out). I compose by putting the notes in the score window. How does one use GigaStudio as a virtual sampler with Logic Audio? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also, currently I have a 1 GHz PIII with 768 RAM which I plan to increase to 1.5 Gig RAM. I am running WIN98 SE. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GigaStudio and Logic Audio

    Hiya Flavio,

    This could be a little late for you to do anything but I just saw your post about using Logic Audio and GigaStudio so I thought I may write something... I don\'t usually come to this part of the forum though... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Logic Audio: If you are using Logic Audio Platinum, there\'s a new update you can get from the eMagic website to update to version 5.2. That version of EXS24 has support for Giga samples, ie you can now import Giga samples.

    Its easy to use GigaStudio and Logic Audio:
    (1) Install GigaStudio. This will create a virtual Midi output port in Logic Audio called \"Nemesys Midi Port 1\", \"Nemesys Midi Port 2\" etc.

    (2) Launch GigaStudio.

    (3) From within GigaStudio, launch your Logic Audio sequencer.

    (4) Load the sounds in GigaStudio. Each Port has 16 channels. So if you load gigapiano in Port 1 channel 5, then in your Logic Audio, you will need to select channel 5 and \"Nemesys Midi Port 1\". Likewise for all other channels and port.

    And then you are away!

    Although, if you are going to be putting in the notes manually in GigaStudio, it defies the purpose of a lot of the programmed samples. Most people buy into GigaStudio because of the programming that comes with it and not just the samples. You could, for instance, crossfade using the modulation wheel on a keyboard to crossfade from a soft violin sample to a loud violin sample. It is very hard to do in Logic because you will need to input the automation data for modulation to change and it takes time.

    Samples in EXS24 you can use your method to write because it doesn\'t contain any keyswitch info or modulation info. It response only to the velocity at which you specify.

    Hope that helps. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: GigaStudio and Logic Audio

    Hi Meeehoon,
    thanks for the response. After finding some addtional information on the web and some experimenting, I was (am) able to use Logic Audio with Giga. Perhaps my post was a little unclear. I actually input notes in the Logic Audio Score Window, not in GigaStudio. I am using Giga as a virtual sampler. also, in my main setup I will not be using EXS24 at the same time (unless it is possible without overtaxing the CPU). I am assuming I can set up all the instruments in Giga, tweak them (with crossfades, etc.) and really use Logic Audio for controlling everything.
    Does this sound correct and do-able? Any technical advise would be appreciated. I plan to order the GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial CDs as well.

    At present I am getting an error message in Logic Audio having to do with the ASIO Driver. When I go to play the notes (input in the score window) I get: \"ASIO Driver in bad mode\" but I can still play. It is the latest driver. In the past I have used the DirectSound driver with no problems. Any thoughts on what this might be about?

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