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Topic: LunaII latency

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    LunaII latency

    I\'m using a Mixtreme card now and I\'m a little dissapointed with the latency (approx. 8 msec) and I\'m thinking of going with a LunaII. Can it acheive 3 msec latency (with Gigastudio)working hard in the real world? My computer is a P4 2.0 gig with ann intel 845 chipset and 512 meg ram, Win 98SE.

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    Re: LunaII latency

    Yes, in XP, i actually work with ULLI@3ms, but in Win98 or ME, the \'realistic\' setting would be ULLI@7ms... But i\'m talking here of full 160voices in giga...

    Luna is able to do this and more, is your PC?

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    Re: LunaII latency

    marcuspocus :
    Unfortunately I have to use Win98SE because I have a Lexicon Core 32 (reverb) and a Oasys PCI (FX and synths) card and they will never have WinXP drivers (and i love them!). So, you figure the best I can do with haevy tweaking in Win98SE is 7 msec with the Luna II? I have an RME Multiset on my main computer and in Winp8 it will gladly acheine 3m sec. Thanks aagin for you quick reply...

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    Re: LunaII latency

    Ok, with 98SE \'heavily\' tweaked, you can still get 3ms, that\'s for sure. I was talking more in a perspective of using 32 audio tracks@24bits...

    But using GSIF driver, you can get 3ms without any problems.

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    Re: LunaII latency

    I\'ve heard that in Win98SE the GSIF latency is preset, that is, can\'t be changed. I know in XP it is relative to the sound card\'s buffer setting, but I didn\'t think this was so in Win98SE. Is there a special GSIF latency tweak in the LunaII to acheive 3 msec? With my RME Multiface, I can get 1.5 msec latency in XP but in Win98 it seems to be stuck at 8 msec (approx) no matter what buffer settings. Thanks for all your input...

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    Re: LunaII latency

    I\'m not so shure about that, you just put some doubt into my mind... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    No seriously, under 7ms, i can\'t tell the difference with the kind of music i\'m doing, so i could not tell, but what i know, is that if i set it a 25ms for example, i clearly hear the difference, so i assume it is not \'locked\' at 8ms or something like that...

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