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Topic: 98lite/micro & dual boot

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    98lite/micro & dual boot

    Has anyone tried running GS or any sequencer/editor with Windows98lite or Windows98micro? I\'d like to try it out, and maybe some of you know more about it.
    It REALLY seems interesting considering all the system resources there is to save.
    check out: www.98lite.net


    Another Q:
    Does anyone have some nice links to practical information how to run 2 separate win98 on a computer. Someone posted a message considering dual bootup before and it got me thinking...

    Freud, the nasty tormentor from Hell

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    Re: 98lite/micro & dual boot

    Hello Freud !

    Look at General hardware issues, there\'s a thread from Jaime (12/05/99) called \"should I buy one killer Pc or Two cheaper ones\" where we end up discussing this subject. Sorry, but I don\'t feel like writting the same again, unless you have specific other questions. Another site for this topic is http://www.studio201.com/cwu/ and do a search.
    It\'s a cubase user\'s site, but they\'re much more active on this \"tweaking\" subjects (especially windows customization)...

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: 98lite/micro & dual boot

    Heya Freud

    I run Cubase VST/24 with a Yammie ds2416 on an excellent machine (abit bh6-r2, celeron 366@550, 256 RAM) and have been trying to run 98Lite on this machine for several months. It seems that 98Lite works great for most all apps EXCEPT high-end audio. I have never been able to trace the problems to specifics, try as I might, but I can sum up the experience thus: CRASH CRASH CRASH. Cubase just locks up all the damn time.
    I hope you have better luck.


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    Re: 98lite/micro & dual boot

    What can I say?
    It works great for me. I\'m not gonna pick up the old Logic/VST debate, but we (Freud/Logic/GS) haven\'t had any conflicts so far. (well, apart from some disagreements about the musical direction, but I guess it happends to allmost every band sometimes)
    Maybe the hardware configuration has got more to do with it than i first thought. I\'ll be uppgrading my hardware in a couple of weeks, so I guess I\'d better start prayin.

    Freud, the mystery man of Mayhem

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