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Topic: Finale GPO and Finale 2007a?

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    Finale GPO and Finale 2007a?

    Okay, I am a little confused. I received an e-mail from MakeMusic and updated Finale to 2007a and loaded the UB version of Kontakt Player 2. Finale GPO had not worked since I got 2007, by the way (I have a MacPro). I am not able to select Finale GPO as a selection in the AU setup, so I'll assume that is the new normal, since Finale GPO did come up in KP2.

    Ambience is not available to edit, or select, though. Is Ambience no longer part of Finale GPO?

    Thanks for any help or direction,

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    Re: Finale GPO and Finale 2007a?

    I don't think Ambience is UB.

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