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Topic: Is Mona Overkill?

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    Is Mona Overkill?

    Hi everyone,
    I\'m looking to use GS to create some luscious pop songs, so I need something that runs GS solidly AND has 2-4 good (24 bit, 96 khz) mic ins, preferably with phantom power and possibly pre-amps (though I don\'t know how much I need these). The Echo Mona SEEMS good to me, but I\'m a techno-novice. Would the Creamware cards or anything cheaper fit my bill? Any other suggestions?

    Also, I plan on inserting tracks I make with GS into Cool Edit Pro individually (for their nifty effects), which should also cut back on my polyphony needs. Do you think I could get by with GS 32 and still get some rich piano sounds? THANK YOU!

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    Re: Is Mona Overkill?

    Well, i don\'t know anything about Mona... But i know that creamware cards don\'t have mics in or mics pre....

    Even if it had some, i still would really buy a separate mic pre, some are cheap and are definitely better than anything on any soundcards. Joe Meek\'s stuff is really good, some Art Tube MP are good also, they all have phantom power, and you can change them later if you want without breaking you\'re setup.

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    Re: Is Mona Overkill?

    Sonically I can recommend the Echo Mona. If you don\'t need more than 4 ins it should serve you well. There are cheaper options with 4 mic inputs, such as the Aarvark Direct Pro 24/96. I don\'t know if this has phantom power, however.

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    Re: Is Mona Overkill?

    Thanks, everyone. I\'ll take another look at the Ardvaark, as well as the Joe Meeks. Do you think having built in phantom power makes any bit of difference?

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    Re: Is Mona Overkill?

    Most professional hig-quality microphones are either dynamic (like the Shure SM57, a great, cheap workhorse mike but not suitable for vocals, etc.) or condensors. All condensor mikes require power, some use batteries, but most expect phantom power from the mike inputs. It\'s possible to add external power, but this is a guaranteed PITA and usually more expensive.

    If you\'re doing this at a hobby level, Mona is overkill, but if you\'re going to use this as the heart of a major studio, it\'s not enough...

    Think high-quality mike pres into a digital recordign environment with lots of VST (or some such) plug-ins, with the Giga stuff as one (several) of the instruments.

    You absolutely will NOT be able to pull off a professional production with just GS32, (I\'d say GS 96 minimum) and the fact that you\'re considering it tells me you don\'t yet understand the tech part of the process (you also said it yourself...) That\'s cool, we all have to start somewhere, but don\'t be surpriaed when world class sound does not come dripping out of the speakers.

    There\'s a long road ahead. If you\'re on a beginner\'s budget, study the map carefully, so anything you purchase today will still be useful tomorrow. Spend money on quality, not quantity, and learn to use the tools properly as you go, it will save you MUCH grief down the road (and digital audio is NOT an easy road...)

    Good luck, and be sure to read the manuals. Make great music.


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    Re: Is Mona Overkill?

    Thanks for the encouragement soundsmith. Giga 96 it is, though I\'ll have to save a little bit with my college student budget. I\'m trying to find good resources for a decent project studio, but it\'s a pretty complex topic. I think I\'ll start with the Mona (there aren\'t many other cards in the price range with its features, it seems) or maybe a Terratec, an SM 57, a Rode NT1000, and probably something for direct electric guitar and bass. I\'ve wanted to get into Giga for a while, but better to start with good basic equipment for now...

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    Re: Is Mona Overkill?

    Hey Saint

    I agree with Dasher, rather take the time to build your studio, than by everything at once, if do not have the financial means to get everything at once. Gigastudio 96 is a good way to get into Gigastudio, and I would also invest in Dave Govett\'s Gigastudio CD tutorial. Email me sometime I\'ll be glad to offer you some help and welcome to the Forum!


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