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Topic: Goodbye Luna, BIG price increase!

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    Goodbye Luna, BIG price increase!

    I was ready to order my Luna II card ($300) plus the Adat I/O ($160) but the dealer quoted $600 instead of $ 460 quoted last week. That\'s a huge difference. he explained that Creamware increased prices and do not sell the lightpipe option alone anymore, just the luna EX for $800.
    Now I have to choose another card again! RME 96/8 fPST looks promising for Giga.
    Any comments?
    Pita. \'couse I\'been reading and studying the Creamware forums for a couple of weeks just to decide.


    Sad Ric

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    Re: Goodbye Luna, BIG price increase!


    Well, creamware is offering bundles untill end of August...check it out...

    Jubilee Bundle 1: Luna II EXtreme I/O
    Professional solution for 24/96 recording with a PC or Mac. Excellent sound quality, high-calibre effects - processed directly on the card, unique Live features.

    Luna II EX - Recording card plus ADAT / Z-Link Expansion

    A16 Ultra - 16-channel AD/DA converter

    OptiMaster - Intelligent Mastering Processor

    Special price: only 1598 € instead of 2439 € list price -> You save 841 €!


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    Re: Goodbye Luna, BIG price increase!


    Go to audiomidi.com They have the combo for 499. If it doesn\'t come out to that price, or they double talk you about a higher price, just buy them separately. 333 for the Luna II and 166 for the ADAT option.


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    Re: Goodbye Luna, BIG price increase!

    Go check www.infinitevortex.com, they still have it at 333$ and they also have ADAT plate sold separately for 160$

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    Re: Goodbye Luna, BIG price increase!

    Infinite vortex WAS the dealer that quoted me $600. I was ready to buy at the price you mentions. They sould update their site.
    Tks anyway.
    Larry: I\'ll try audiomidi.
    Lex: Where are the bundles advertized?


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    Re: Goodbye Luna, BIG price increase!





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