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Topic: wav capture aardvark q10 question

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    wav capture aardvark q10 question

    when i was a sound blaster live user i used to work with gigastudio that way:
    gigastudio and inside gigastudio i push the sequencer button to call cakewalk.
    i had the option to record midi and audio so i used to change my midi tracks in to audio tracks internally.no cables,mixers anything.
    now i have an aardvark q10 model and i don\'t have how to record audio when i\'m using gigastudio(gigastudio and inside gigastudio pushing the sequencer button to call cakewalk)now i need to call cakewalk first and gigastudio later to have the option to record audio and midi in cakewalk.
    so my question is :
    to change my midi track(using gigastudio)for an audio track i need to connect a cable in my output 1 sending the signal to my imput 1 for example?
    maybe that question is the most stupid ever made here but .....
    i tried to capture the audio tracks in gigastudio audio capture but how i do that ?i can\'t synch with cakewalk.nothing happens.
    please help me cause i need to send the wavs for another studio soon.
    sorry for my awful english.

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    Re: wav capture aardvark q10 question

    When you capture audio in Giga, you have to go into Project Options in Cakewalk and make sure the send song position type options are checked. Then, if you have Giga capture set to midi sync, it will record when you press play in Cakewalk.

    I haven\'t tried the internal routing of audio yet but it seems that you can set a Cakewalk track to record straight from Giga. If that doesn\'t work you still should be able to do it through the Aark Manager by directing the output to Cakewalk\'s audio track.

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    Re: wav capture aardvark q10 question

    Hi, I don\'t have Q10. I have 24/96 Diret pro. Aardvark is always good about making one of the input channels be able to record the monitor signal. For example, 24/96 has inputs 1,2
    3,4 and 5,6

    Inputs 5,6 can record the monitor signal. So, I go to cakewalk and set my \'Source\' to Inputs 5,6 of Aark and I can record whatever signal coming thru the monitor.

    So, if i want to capture/record my midi oboe part in Track 3, I solo track 3, set up a new track with Source as \'Input 5,6\'...then hit record within Cakewalk(make sure the metronome is off or it will record that, too).

    This is one way.

    Of course the other way is to use the capture function in Giga.

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    Re: wav capture aardvark q10 question

    thank you Marty and Lucas.i sold my q10.the problem was 96khz compatibility too.
    i would like to try your way marty cause i think is the best way to capture without waste hd space.just hit the \"r\"and leave to disarm the track but now i need to ask my friend the new ownner [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
    thank you guys

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