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    Hi, Papa chalk from your earlier message I read that you have A3k. I just sold mine o I can uy GS. One thing I totally loved about A3k was that you can EQ each sample, than sample bank on top of it and overall EQ on top of that. All real time ofcorse unlike EMU.
    Does GS have some EQ? And how would you compare it to A3k?
    I appreciate any message!
    Thanks. Sasha

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    Re: EQ in GIGASAMPLER!?!

    Hey sasha post this in the wish list.
    the a3k has amazing eq and effects thats thats about it. I\'m trying to sell mine right now. Dependant on the type of sound card you have you can EQ. Hope fully this will change as it has been put in the wishlist.

    PaPa Chalk

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