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Topic: aardvark q10 i'm going crazy

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    aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy

    hey guys!!i\'m lost and confuse about my aardvark q10.there\'s no 96khz compatibilities and now i know there\'s some problems with via chipsets too .my mainboard is a soltek sl75drv4(via kt266a).when i try to set for 24 bits with the original drives on cd installation there\'s a message saying \"these ports are no supported by this drive\" only works in 16 bits 44.1khz for me.when works.
    try to get some information with aardvark web page about q10..... [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] and there\'s no online tech support)only for Aark 20/20+ ,Aark TDIF\',Direct Pro 24/96 ,Direct Pro LX6 and Aark 24
    how can be possible !!!today they send me an email saying \"All currently produced Q10s are 96k compatible. Older Q10s can be made 96k compatible with a reasonable priced upgrade\".
    Ben Mullins
    i don\'t know if they mean a new driver ,new chipset or maybe ,both.
    i really feel sad and frustrated about this product and aardvark policy.
    thanks for any help.
    btw lder q10?i bought last week in samash store.

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    Re: aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy

    Hi Ricardo

    The Aardvark q10 has many updates. I am a seller of Audio gear and the Q10 is becoming very popular, as well as the Wamirack 92 series

    First of all, the Aardvark\'s are very sensitive to Via Chipsets. If you go on to Aardvarks sight you will see maximum compatibility is welcomed through Intel non - via Chipsets, although I have sold Aardvark Q10 to clients who use AMD motherboards without a problem!

    The Q10 is now capable to perform at 96Khz, and is just a matter of software driver updates.
    The Drivers updated will give you the higher khz capability. Just install the newest driver update. Check out the following page:

    ( I was not aware that this update comes with a price. I will contact them first thing tomorrow morning and find out what is going on, then get back to you). Anyway the driver update page is here:


    This is the lastest driver, note that the Q10 is not GSIF compatible under Win2K.

    Aardvarks newest driver is doing very well, and is rock solid. (Only if you have configured your hardware compatibility with the soundcard as directed by aardvark)

    Aardvark Q10 will support the MAC Platform in Fall.

    Aardvark will also be GSIF compatible for Win2k/Xp by Fall.

    This is but all the info I can give you.

    Take care


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    Re: aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy

    first of all thank you very much for your reply David.
    i have no doubts about aardvark quality.i use the jurassic 98se .who will think that the top line product doesn\'t work in 96khz if they don\'t sign correctly?
    i\'d already own an aardvark product(lx6 pro)it works like a swiss watch.
    today i\'ll test the sound card with another mainboard(p3 600 and asus p3v)and maybe the magic happens.
    if you can call aardvark ,detail me the update process please .
    thank you very much David

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    Re: aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy

    i almost forget!!!!
    the new driver was downloaded by me before buy the q10 some weeks ago.

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    Re: aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy

    Hi Ricardo

    just got off the phone with Aardvark.

    Here is the news:

    The Aardvark q10 was designed only to work at 48Khz. The Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 was designed to work up to 96khz.

    Yes, your Aardvark q10 built prior to the new July Shipment, does not support 96Khz, without the actual hardware being modified. (I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but this will answer many other Q10 users with the same problem)

    So youre Q10 Hardware needs to be modified.

    Price for Modification is $39.99.

    This means that your Aardvark Q10, has to be returned to Aardvark for the Upgrade.

    The first step would be:
    1. CALL - call or Email Aardvark and get a RMA number (Return Authorization directly from them). Then you have to send the Q10 directly to them.

    2. The Q10 when you send it has to include all Hardware. That is the Soundcard itself, Breakoutbox, and the Cable. If you still have the box for the Q10, I suggest sending it to them in their box. They then will modify the Breakoutbox/soundcard, and ship it back to you.

    Now your system will be 96 Khz compatible!

    The owners of the Aardvark Pro 24/96 already had the hardware made for 96Khz, so if they want to utilize the other Khz sizes such as 88 Khz etc, all they have to do is do the software driver upgrade. Whereas the Q10 a Hardware upgrade and software driver upgrade.

    This is about it.

    Hope I was of some help to you.


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    Re: aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy

    thank you very much David.i\'m in a serious problem ,cause i live in Brasil and there\'s no aardvark dealers or something like that here.i have no idea what to do.
    thank you very much David.
    btw:why i can\'t work in 24 bits in my cakewalk 9?always the same message saying something like \"this driver can\'t support these ports .....\"all my ports. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy


    I would email Aardvark and tell them what is going on with your problem. Sometimes they even create patch fixes or updates specificaly customized relating to the problem you have. You might want to email them and give them as much detail to the problem. I do know that if bit rate is not showing as the default rate in the Advanced tab in the AARDVARK Manager, then the software sequencers, will give a similar error to the one you just mentioned.

    First thing talk to Ben Mullins about the problem, then talk to him about having no Aardvark dealer in Brazil. See what they can do for you. They are very nice to work with. Please give us some feedback on what the problem was, when you get it resolved, and please let us know what you decided to do about the Q10. This page will then be a great resource for those Q10 owners with similar issues.... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy

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    Re: aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy

    thanks David for your help.
    well at this point i have no idea what to do .
    and any news ,please tell me.
    i\'ll do the same if something changes.
    thank you very very much [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: aardvark q10 i\'m going crazy

    hello David!!!could you read my last email for Mr.Ben Mullins please?

    hi mr.Ben Mullins

    after try to install my q10 in a computer\'s friend equiped with amd 761 chipset the sound card works very well so my setup needs to be change. i\'ll change my mainboard after check 2 things with you:

    how about nforce chipset for amd atlhon xp 1.9 is better than the amd 761?and via kt333?

    and the most weird thing!!!!my q10 number(q10******))is equipped with 96khz ?it\'s belongs to the new 96khz compatible models.i\'m asking this cause after install the upgrade drive 522(the small one 3mb)i can select 96khz and is possible to record too but there\'s a noise sometimes only in this frequence.well i hope my aardvark works in 96khz to heal my headache.

    thanks in advance
    any clue David?
    thank you

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