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Topic: Questions about internal routing on the Luna2

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    Questions about internal routing on the Luna2

    I have a couple of questions for the Luna2 gurus here.. I\'m considering getting one for my Gigastudio DAW, it seems like you get a lot for the money.

    First, is the card multiclient? Can I use it for Gigastudio and a sequencer at the same time?
    Second, along with that, can the card\'s outputs be internally routed to the inputs in the mixer? For example, can the output of Gigastudio be recorded directly into a track in a sequencer internally without using any cables? That\'s the feature I like the best about the M-Audio cards.

    Thanks for any info!


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    Re: Questions about internal routing on the Luna2

    Yes Luna has multiclient architecture.
    I can use giga with 32 channels, route them freely in the mixer, or directly into some other 64 asio2 channels, send then to mixer, or external effects and back to the mixer (send & return) all in realtime. Luna routing capabilities are truly unique, NO other cards is so flexible. You\'ll laugh at other card so called \'routing\' [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    This is the true strenght of Luna, or any creamware cards for that matter.

    You do not have to share channels between a sequencer in asio and a giga since they are truly distinct and different driver. If you don\'t need asio, you just dynamicaly onload it. Same for all others driver.

    Remember hubbis loopback? No need for this no more, routing is the same inside luna, hardware patching of any midi in to any midi out combinations, you can send 1 midi in to many midi out also if you want.

    Only one thing to remember, creamware actualy have slow WDM driver, this affect Sonar and Cakewalk user...

    Asio & GSIF have 3~7ms latencies with rock solid setting called ULLI (Ultra Low Latency Interface), which is pretty good.

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    Re: Questions about internal routing on the Luna2

    I just got more info from Creamware, they are working on the wdm drivers, and they will probably release a new one on the next update of the Scope Fusion Platform software.

    They say that with their alpha version they reach latencies in the 1-3 ms!!!

    Very very good....

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