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Topic: Garritan Products in Kontakt2

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    Garritan Products in Kontakt2

    I own 3 Garritan products now thanks to the group buy (JABB and Strad2 arrived today) and I also own Kontact 2.2. My question is: is there any benefit to using all my Garritan instruments in K2 or should I just use them in their respective players. I don't want to lose any of the cool features (like adjusting Var1 and Var2). But I'm mostly wondering if there is a significant performance or capability advantage for doing it one way or the other?

    Sorry for the newbie question.

    P.S. I did download the JABB/GPO Script but didn't exactly understand what that would do to help things.


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    Re: Garritan Products in Kontakt2

    GPO and JABB are currently being ported to a K2 player, and Gary has mentioned that there will be a free update for existing users. The players are nice because they do have the Var settings, and other nicknacks programmed in. In terms of performance and capabilities, if there is any difference between K2 and the K1 player, it is minimal. Some people have found it necessary to stretch the upper limit of some of the solo strings to a higher level, but for 99.9% of users and pieces the GPO players will work efficiently and flawlessly.

    I imagine the K2 player will be a nice blend of everything when it is released shortly.

    You can find more information in this thread:

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    Re: Garritan Products in Kontakt2

    Quote Originally Posted by mason
    P.S. I did download the JABB/GPO Script but didn't exactly understand what that would do to help things.


    The scripting ability is the main benifit to playing the Garritan samples in Kontakt2. The JABB GPO Script Suite exposes a superset of each instruments parameters for example besides Var1 & Var2 you can set a JABB Sax's breath sound, key click etc. The scripts for the legato instruments detect overlapping notes and switch to the legato samples. The scripts for the solo strings keyswitch between the bowstrokes and switch between the legato and sustain samples. Both of these functions automate some of the tweaking. The JABB Drum scripts allow seperate volume controls for each class of samples so the cymbals can be made louder while the snare can be set soft etc. Another plus for using full Kontakt is the convolution engine. Adding convolution judiciously fills out the samples nicely. Convolution is also supported in the Script Suite.

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Garritan Products in Kontakt2

    Thanks Reegs and Mike. That does help. I'm going to dig in today and see if I can make the JABB/GPO script work.


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