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Topic: TERRIBLE problems with Delta Dio

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    TERRIBLE problems with Delta Dio


    PLEASE help - I bought a GSIF card, the Delta Dio 24/96. Here is an MP3 of how my playback sounds:


    WHY is it doing this? No matter how I adjust the latency, no matter what resources I have running, no matter WHAT I do, I can\'t clear this up any. You can imagine how frusterating this is. This is my second DIO card, so it\'s obviously not the card that\'s the problem. Other than this card, I have nothing in my PCI slots, and just an AGP video card. I have 1GB of PC133 SDRAM. Although, I\'m going to try taking out one of the chips (as I think this MAY be one of the problems), but any ideas???


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    Re: TERRIBLE problems with Delta Dio

    An update for everybody, I get my internet via a USB device that interfaces with my telephone line and makes an in-home network with it. Now, when NO USB DEVICE is plugged in, it sounds... well, fine. But, as soon as I plug in the devices, it goes back to the way it was. Any ideas?


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    Re: TERRIBLE problems with Delta Dio

    I\'ve got Delta Dio2496 too and it sounds fine, no popping and crackling.
    You have to be careful with drivers you choose. Now I got the newest
    Delta driver for Win 98/SE/ME and it works well. Some earlier sounded
    very bad, stuttered and crackled awfully! Sorry I don\'t remember driver\'s
    numbers. But one older one (something ....27) was firm.

    Of course, the problem can be with your other system too, irqs, mobo
    problems,but check other drivers if they works better.

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    Re: TERRIBLE problems with Delta Dio

    USB devices like midi, modem, audio, have caused hic-cups like this in the past. Best advice is to use internal PCI cards instead. An even better solution would be to keep giga by itself on 1 pc and get another pc for general use. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: TERRIBLE problems with Delta Dio

    Your USB internet connection (I have one too) constantly polls the computer, generating major interrupt activity.

    These are designed as \'always-on\', and the one time I thought I\'d get slick and simply unplug it (it\'s USB, hot swap, right???) The Blue Screen of Darth!) Rebooting with it not in place allowed me to continue, but it STILL was polling the system...

    Suggest, as Munsie says, put Giga on its own box.


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    Re: TERRIBLE problems with Delta Dio

    Just in case anybody even cares, I fixed the problem with my Delta DIO... buying a new computer solves ALL your problems. :-D

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