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Topic: cubase compatibility

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    cubase compatibility

    hi out there. i have recently started running my gigasampler on the same machine as my cubase 3.7 (a pentium I, 200mz) and have been unable to load cubase (which always ran fine before) after intallation of the GS. cubase first claims that another program is using the soundcard (even when i have shut down all other programs, including the msgloop and msg32), and then locks up entirely so that i have to restart the machine. if i uninstall the GS, cubase runs just fine. i havent tried the same setup on my fast pentium III at my studio yet, and now im a bit afraid to. the GS works just fine on both, by the way. any enlightenment anyone can give would be much appreciated. thanks-

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    Re: cubase compatibility

    There\'s quite a few things it could be. it has to do with your asio config and the type of sound card you have. Make sure you have these setting in the audio systems setup.
    ASIO device should be set to Multimedia driver Not directx. I could give more info but i\'m not sure what type of card you have also is your computer 200mmx.

    The soundcard and your asio config setup is most important when using cubase and gigasampler.

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