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Topic: Problems with recording

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    Problems with recording

    When I\'m recording electric guitar with soundforge everything is fine, but when I open Gigastudio sound is distorted and it is clipping. I really need to open gigastudio and Logic Audio to get the right beat.

    Can U help me? What should I do?

    I have:

    512 Mt ram
    Audiophile 2496
    Audio Buddy
    Gigastudio 96
    Soundforge 5
    Logic Audio Platinium 5.1

    Multiclient mode should be on and I\'ve tried different DMA buffer sizes. Clipping still remains. Line H/W in is clean but Mixer is distortered...

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    Re: Problems with recording

    You should put all giga samples in a separate drive, and recording with logic or soundforge on an other drive (btw, if you have logic, you better record directly in logic instead of soundforge).

    Since giga use streaming, it take all the power of any disk drive. Giga should always stream from a separate hard disk.

    Really, it\'s maybe a bit overkill but the ideal would be a nice small/fast drive for OS (C, and medium/fast drive for Logic recording and songs, etc... (D, and a BIG/ULTRA FAST drive for giga (i mean giga files .gig, not the software).

    ALL software should be installed on C:

    With this, you\'d get 160 notes of polyphony for giga, about 24 tracks @ 24bits/44.1khz in Logic, and bunch of vst/vsti plugin running at the same times. Well let\'s be realist, a couple.

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    Re: Problems with recording

    Thanks! I\'ll think about getting that second HD. By the way, when I\'m recording directly with Logic, sound is horrible also. I can\'t get even one clean track (16bit 44.1Khz)and gigastudio was NOT on at that time.

    What configuration settings do you recommend to my setup? Logic is new to me so help me out.. ..shouldn\'t I get at least one decent clean recording with my setup?!? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Problems with recording

    Well, are you using ASIO driver? You have to configure this in logic only one time.

    Go in audio menu->hardware/driver 2 then select asio driver. It should also be the only one selected. Check back in the hardware/driver 1 pane to unselect all other driver, especialy the wav driver. This is the one that make it shutter etc... Wav driver are basicaly the slowest one you can choose. Then, i don\'t really know about audiophile card\'s, but you should be able to set the buffer to your need to reduce latency to a minimum. You can probably consider that any latencies seting under 14ms is basicaly realtime.

    So a buffer of 512 samples (13ms) or 256 samples(7ms) are very good. If your card support this, now your set to go. You should be able to easily record at least 4-8 tracks of 24bits/44.1khz without much troube.

    BTW, if you have an antivirus, firewall, etc, disable it. You have to also disabled the \'syste, restore\' feature of windows. Stop ANY process not neccessary. For example, any background task, specialy those spyware like realaudio, etc...

    Alot of the performance of your PC will be gained back this way. If possible, disable BUS MASTERING for your AGP card(some driver do not permit this, but at least have a look). Reduce display bit depth to 16bits.

    Using my luna an VDAT (a virtual adat device for creamware cards) on a separate disk, i can record 32 tracks in 32bits floating @ 44.1khz.

    Anyway, you should be able to record more than one track, that for sure, i\'m positive. If you can\'t, well buy a soundblaster! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Problems with recording

    I\'ve done some more testing and it\'s not soundcard. IT IS LOGIC!!! I managed to record clean track with Sound Forge. I imported it into Logic and there\'s that distortion again. And NO, recording isn\'t too hot. Levels are fine but some DAMN reason Logic can\'t handle audiofiles. I\'ve checked all audiodrivers and I\'m using only AP Delta\'s Asio drivers. Don\'t know what\'s up. I can\'t play single track with it. I can\'t record with it. AAAARRrgghh!!!

    Hope my new hard drive fixes my problems, but I\'m not sure. I\'ll say this one more time: I have no other apps on, just Logic. I record with it ->distortion, I play audiofile with it ->distrortion.

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