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Topic: Routing to Aux in Logic 7

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    Routing to Aux in Logic 7

    I have a bunch of kicks and snares loaded into a patch and have a multi channel version of kontakt2 loaded. i want to send the kick to an aux channel and the snare's to their own aux channel etc to process them with other plugs. I cant figure out how to do this. Again all the samples are loaded into the same patch and are assigned to different keys. I want my kicks (c1 to d2) to goto Aux 1...i want my snares e2-d3) to go to aux 2 etc....thanks.

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    Re: Routing to Aux in Logic 7

    As far as I know, you can only route different patches to different aux channels. Thus if your snares and bass drums exist in the same patch, you will need to either open up the patch twice and route each to different auxes, or split the main patch into two patches.

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