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Topic: Luna II questions

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    Luna II questions

    Hi folks,
    I\'m considering a Luna II card. Currently I\'m running W98 but in the near future I\'ll change to XP. So I wonder:

    1-How well the Luna II works in W98?
    2-Is it better in XP?
    3-Can I run Gigastudio160 plus a couple of Creamware sintes at the same time? I use the Giga-PC system as a midi module, so it would be great to have more than one sinte/sampler in the box, right?

    Any light on this would be gratly appreciated.

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    Re: Luna II questions

    Q1-How well the Luna II works in W98?
    A1-Very well and fast

    Q2-Is it better in XP?
    A2-The interface is not really faster but lower latencies : In XP, i get 3ms rock solid, in W98, 7ms is more realist.

    Q3-Can I run Gigastudio160 plus a couple of Creamware sintes at the same time?
    A3- Well, Luna aint that powerfull DSP wise, you should see it as a really good mixer with real times effects (i mean real time, there is no latency on anything that goes thru luna), freely do your routing , with no latency even doing a digital loopback with external spdif hardware or loopback with analog effects processors. Anyway, don\'t expect running 2-3 synth with hi polyphony, a more realist setup would be 1 monophonic synth (for a bassline for example) + 1 synth with 3-4 voices of polyphony. There is different way of putting more synths, like recording a synth in audio, then set it\'s voices to zero, and add a new synth, record, and so on... You WON\'T be disapointed by synths sound. They\'re killer synth, specially some of the free one, like the dubsub, Lo-Fi, Inferno-Hummel (That\'s a mean one!), Saturn (great pads, very good virtual analog sound)

    BTW, do you know ANY soundcard that can do a real loopback using SDPIF? Cuz everybody knows that an spdif devices cannot be master AND slave (sending AND receiving) Well, creamware has a trick for this.... So you can use your beloved lexicon in digital world as an insert or aux, all in real times with no latencies. Also mixing in luna is really great, all mixer are completely \'phase compensated\'. So for those of you who are recording with multiple mics at the same times, well, no more phase problems!

    Like you probably have read so far, i love my luna, that\'s the best performing and value for the bucks card i ever had my hands on, and i tried a bunch of them.

    Hope that helped!

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    Re: Luna II questions

    Marcus, thanks a lot for such extensive report. Very usefull.

    I yoou don\'t mind answering one more question:

    IHow much more DSP is necessary to run a Prophet clone along Giga? Should another card from Creamware be more apropiate to run several sintes?
    You know, real time playing from midi is important for me.
    Txs again

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    Re: Luna II questions

    I think that the virtual prophets aren\'t light on DSPs... I would not expect more than a 4 poly count on a Luna alone, with nothing else loaded.

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    Re: Luna II questions

    Only 4 voices? That\'s 0.78 chip per voice!
    Now I understand the need for that fifthteen chips caqrd.

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    Re: Luna II questions

    Yup. With lighter synths, you can get more polyphony, but 3 dsps are 3 dsps... The nice thing with Creamware cards is that you can expand them by connecting another card to the previous one and they act like one. So if you don\'t have the money to buy a bigger one, then try the smaller one... I don\'t think you\'ll be disappointed.

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