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Topic: Peter Boyle is dead.

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    Unhappy Peter Boyle is dead.

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    Man i really liked him, i think he was really funny.. The kind of funny that makes you lauft just looking at him. ...and he looked like a nice guy too!

    He will be missed.

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    Re: Peter Boyle is dead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Peter Boyle was a true talent. He had such range as an actor. "Young Frankenstein" was one of the funniest movies ever. The song and dance scene "Putting On The Ritz" still makes me howl with laughter!

    And he and the whole "Raymond" cast were brilliant. Who else could get away with saying "Holy Crap!" on television!?

    R.I.P. Peter

    I couldn't agree more.. Young Frankenstein ..LOL I got to rent that

    P.S. If you've never seen Brad Garrett as Jackie Gleason, it's truly astonishing. He really learned alot about acting from Peter Boyle.
    Never hear of him... I'll try to remember that.


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