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Topic: *Lights And Shadows*

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    *Lights And Shadows*

    Hello everyone! It has been a while since I posted here, moved back to Texas and whatnot so haven't had much time... Anywho, I figured I might as well post something again lol. I have been messing around with piano pieces lately, and this is one from late at night. Uses the sweet GPO piano for the most part, and a dash of synth effects, and has a vague and mysterious atmosphere so nothing too fancy. It is kinda sorta dark, and really short, but hopefully somebody likes it


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    Re: *Lights And Shadows*

    Hi Sam,
    I was wondering where you went...
    I'm having trouble with your link...I'd like to hear it...
    Take Care,

    edit: Link's working now

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    Re: *Lights And Shadows*

    Hi Sam!
    Yes, you're right.. it's too short! I really really like it a lot! Although...the synthy stuff unnerved me a tad...took me out of it, but other than that it's great! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad that you're back.
    Take Care,

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    Re: *Lights And Shadows*

    You remembered me? Yay! I feel like a real living, breathing human being again, lol!

    Yeah, that song actually began as a synth track but I threw in some piano and I liked the piano so it took over the song. But you're right, it doesn't always work does it? Hehe.

    I actually made three songs that night, the others are all piano pieces. Here is the next one:


    This is a more "lyrical", story-telling song and not as dark but perhaps with a little sorrow interwoven in parts. Anyways, I be glad you liked my music!

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    Re: *Lights And Shadows*

    Very nice!!! Stick around this time so that you can share more!
    Take Care,

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    Re: *Lights And Shadows*

    Alrighty then! And thanks, lol, in that case I shall continue with my musical spamming... this is the last song of the night, not really sure what I was thinking but I was just messing around- the result was a kinda progressive sounding piece which is not normally my style. I almost deleted this one as it seemed pretty repetitive but meh, I figured I might as well post it. Just turned out sounding too much like a bg tune I might hear on the weather channel or something hehe... *hangs head in shame*. But hopefully someone out there'll like it


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    Re: *Lights And Shadows*

    Good to see you back, Sam!

    Interesting admixture of soundscape and improvisation...


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    Re: *Lights And Shadows*

    thanks, it is nice to be back!

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    Re: *Lights And Shadows*

    Nice to hear from you again, Sam!

    You entered the forum with a big bang, then quietly slipped away...
    Life's craziness often has her own plans for our lives.

    Enjoyed both pieces.. They seem a bit somber in mood.( which I like!)
    The solo piano combined with extra reverb gives it that extra spatial-ness, or isolation... hence contributing to the mood.

    Very nice work!

    Looking forward to hearing more.


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    Re: *Lights And Shadows*

    Thank you, your comments are most appreciated! I have a really long unfinished piano piece that I will post when I am done with it. Seems like it takes longer to edit and master these things than it does to actually compose them lol.

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