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Topic: Delta 1010 - XP?

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    Re: Delta 1010 - XP?

    I bought the 1010 and turned right around and took it back! I encountered so many pops I couldn\'t get anything done. I tried everything to get card to work with no success. Midiman was useless as I couldn\'t get a reply - phone or e-mail! Tascam was pretty much the same way, useless and arrogant. BTW - I was running XP home on a P4 - 1.8ghz 850cs system. If I were you I\'d get rid of it ASAP.

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    Re: Delta 1010 - XP?

    Interesting... What card did you choose to replace it with, and how did that work out?

    My spec: P4 2.0GHz / ASUS i845D / 1GB DDR / XP Pro

    Right now I\'m just going through the various XP MAudio 1010 drivers from earliest to most recent, to see if something magically fixes itself that way.

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    Re: Delta 1010 - XP?

    I replaced it with an RME 96/8 PAD card which is fantastic, a bit pricey but works great and sounds fantastic. No Midi though. I also have an ASUS board P4T-E.

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    Delta 1010 - XP?

    Can anyone share their recent success/disaster stories and fixes or ideas regarding using the MAudio Delta 1010 under WinXP Pro?

    I hear the occasional random pop even outside Gigastudio when testing with commercial CDs and mp3s. I\'m using the most recent drivers and have no IRQ conflicts, trying all kinds of buffer settings from 64 up to 1024.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Delta 1010 - XP?

    Thanks for the info. Which MIDI interface are you using?

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    Re: Delta 1010 - XP?

    Hmmm... I\'m running my Delta 1010 under WinXP and it works flawlessly.

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    Re: Delta 1010 - XP?

    Does your MIDI IN light \'flutter\' constantly(blink really fast) when your keyboard is plugged in to it?

    I find that when I change the \'sync\' setting on the keyboard to internal clock vs. external sync it changes the way the MIDI IN LED lights. On external sync it goes solid, on internal clock it makes the LED flutter. When the keyboard is played, the LED will go solid when the note is sent.

    Maybe there\'s some unnecessary MIDI info being sent through the MIDI port?

    Are you using the Delta\'s midi port?

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    Re: Delta 1010 - XP?

    Interesting..I am running a pair of IBM NetVista, one with W2k and the other with XP. I have a 1010 in each of them, and they both work equally flawless.

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    Re: Delta 1010 - XP?

    Btw, I\'m not saying its unusable, the sound quality is generally very good. I\'d say a couple of distinct pops might happen every 1 minute on average during realtime monitoring. For realtime output it would obviously be a problem but I have a workaround in the form of the Capture to Wave function, which is producing clean recordings.

    Still, it\'s annoying not being able to fix this problem.

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    Re: Delta 1010 - XP?

    Steve, I had Exactly the same problem! Playing no note on the keyboard the Midi in Light would flutter constantly. I clocked it to my 888/24 and the other way around and still had the problem. sounds like you bought my unit! from GC.

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