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Topic: Output volume

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    Output volume

    New to Garritan Personal Orchestra. I have one instance of GPO Kontakt Player in Digital Performer 5.11.

    The average output level is showing -48

    I assume that GPO uses some clever gain structure - since instruments load at different default levels

    But why is the output so low?

    Any help much appreciated


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    Re: Output volume

    GPO uses the Mod wheel of your controller keyboard for expression (level / volume) of each instrument. (for starters)
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Output volume

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    However - in a system which achieves normal gain structure everywhere GPO is very quiet even when cranked to +12dB output level. Strange.

    Further thoughts?


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    Re: Output volume

    Thanks for the advice - Controller is the key!

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    Re: Output volume


    You might check your Kontakt Player "Volume." You can turn that up if your instrument level is too low. The mod-wheel does provide a little extra volume, but that is specifically for "expression."

    Turn up your Kontakt volume knobs and see if you can arrive at comfortable settings. I've had to boost some instruments in the MIDI phase after checking my Master Fader level. Maybe this isn't what you are looking for, but it crossed my mind as a possible cause.

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    Re: Output volume

    Thank you Jack

    My original point was that the default volume is different for each instrument in a range -6 to -12dB which seems strange

    But I really cannot get much volume at all from any instrument without using the expression controller - so I assume that everything starts at a very low level

    I shall keep trying


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    Re: Output volume

    I have only been using GPO for a few weeks (and I use DP as well) and I can tell you that I felt the same way. But the point of the low volumes per instrument is because GPO was designed for composers building with several pieces that will sum to a louder overall DB.

    I only work with an instrument or two at a time so what I do as soon as I load an instrument in GPO is set that instruments volume and pan to what I want right there on the right hand side of the Kontakt Player. The volume and pan almost look like they are grayed out, but I set my instrument to 0db or a little more. I'm not really sure how this practice of mine affects how much experession I still can get from the mod wheel, but it works for me. In DP, make sure you set with automation an initial mod cc1 of like 64 so that your instrument will sound normal. (make sure automation is set to play for that track as well) The GPO manual is very clear about having a cc#1 nudge at the beginning of every track.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Output volume

    I would like to add that the mod wheel should "never" stay the same in any midi track. Every instrument/section radically changes in volume and timbre as the music ebbs and flows. Each midi track should have a very musical sound as the mod wheel data controls the dynamics of each instrument.

    In the Kontakt player, I always set virtually every instruments' volume to about 12 o'clock in the Lontakt player, or near zero db. I also want to mention something else along these lines.... instruments that are percussive by nature,...ie. drums, cymbals, timpani, harp, piano etc. do not respond to mod wheel, but rather the velocity at which each note is played determines the volume/timbre.

    The default levels are very very low in the Kontakt player so make sure to "save" your settings. If you were to leave the Kontakt player levels of all the instruments alone, and recorded each of them to audio tracks, the individual audio tracks would have a very small waveform (soundbite). not very good when it comes time to mix them.



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    Re: Output volume

    Yes. What Dan says... That's what I meant.


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    Re: Output volume

    Dan has a very good exchange rate, so his two cents often come to at least a nickel or two of ours

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