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Topic: gigas output level

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    gigas output level

    hi, i am a new user of giga. I know that when converting a wav sample to
    gig, if the 6 db boast button is uncheck, the giga will make the output
    weaker than the original signal. I know that because according to dave,
    they want to make sure that when you playing multiple instrument at the
    sametime, it will not clip. I understand that. However, don\'t you think
    the giga output is way to weak. I am playing th giga piano, and the output
    is so weak, it is about at most -20 to -17 dbv on my mackie meter, while
    everyother instrument i had has close to 0 dbv. (I set my sound card to
    output -10 dbv, got two soundcard, darla 24 for cakewalk, and sblive for
    giga, bcuz 5.01 driver don\'t work on my computer, thus multiclient don\'t
    work). The output level is just way too low for direct recording purpose.

    I have turn my output of soundcard to maximum, everything is max out. The
    only other way i can boast the level is the adjust the velocity in
    cakewalk, by increasing the velocity in cakewalk, i can make it louder.
    but still, is that normal for having that low of output level. I consider
    my alesis qs8 a weak output keys. But it still is much hotter than gigas
    output. so what is the deal?

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    Re: gigas output level

    I TOTALLY agree with you on this one. I, also contacted Giga and got the same answer as you \" it\'s to prevent the ouput from clipping when playing the full 64 voices\".
    Well, then Dave, how can you explain when I use all 128 voices of my Akai and Emu, there are NO crakling at all, and the ouput of those machines are WAY and I mean WAY hotter then Giga ( playing ANY # of voices ). Actually Giga ouput is MUCH weaker than ANY midi device in my studio.
    Could this be an \" internal \" problem/weakness of Giga. If I switch to ANY other software running on the same computer/sound card as my Giga, It sounds So much louder and punchier !!!

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    Re: gigas output level

    you can adjust the output level of the G S
    to +6db: config.../sampler setting /atuention
    if you go down you reduce the level -3db -4db etc..
    but if you go up you have this +6db boost.
    if you have disturtion after adding more
    intrument you can always put it back
    to 0db.you can save it in the performance also

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    Re: gigas output level

    you can adjust the output level of the G S
    to +6db: config.../sampler setting /atuention
    if you go down you reduce the level -3db -4db etc..
    but if you go up you have this +6db boost.
    if you have disturtion after adding more
    intrument you can always put it back
    to 0db.you can save it in the performance also

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    Re: gigas output level

    Hi All
    Ive also noticed that the output of giga sampler isnt as loud as my Emu E-64 64 voice [dinasaur, ready for the garage sale to unload this dog] sampler .Well I think you have two problems , first giga sampler isn\'t real loud [ hope they fix that in the next software update] and also the Sound blaster live sound card is a very low output card . Heres a couple sugestions to make your setup louder . On the giga mixer crank the output to the midi channel of the instrument that your working with all the way up .
    go to you mixer for SB live and crank the main output and wave out all the way up .
    Once you have your instrument loaded into giga go to midi controller volume [I cant remember the default # for midi volume ] and with a midi slider or volume pedal crank it all the way up .
    Well do all these thimgs and it should help , if your still not getting as much volume as you like then connect the spidif digital out from your SB live to a dat recorder or external converter , it will not only be much loader [ asuming your dat doesnt have a week output too] but it will have a muck lower noise floor .
    A friend of mine has both darla and SB live in his computer and I was suprised at how much hotter the output of darla was over SB live , but if you connect SB via the digital outs to a external sourse like a dat recorder , the volume is no longer a issue .Ken

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    Re: gigas output level

    To Eyal and others,
    Trust me I\'ve tried everything to get Giga to play louder. I tried all your suggestions and MORE...This is DEFINITELTY a major weakness/bug of the Giga\'s internal structure. Due to many of these little bug/weaknesses, I don\'t think Giga is totally ready for prime time yet....but hey, it\'s a great concept. I hope Nemesys will listen more to its end users. Many of the suggestions related to issues like this one or the editor, S-convert... are extremely important but they seem to go unnoticed in every upgrade.
    Stop putting icing on the cake when the cake ain\'t happening yet !!!

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    Re: gigas output level

    The whole volume structure of Giga needs to be fixed. I\'ve never seen such a useless volume system before. You cannot use fine increments in volume. Basically theres no point in selecting say -4db for a volume, because it jumps from 0 to -6db to -12 etc.

    The volume is definitely way too quiet. Nemesys got it plain wrong when they designed the attenuation function for volume.

    I mean, the industry standard is to refer to dB when you are looking at a channels volume level, or you are editing a sample, but when actually setting up sample programs, it has always been either 0-100% or 0-127 for all samplers or synths, so they are going against the grain, quite pointlessly.

    I posted a message here before asking Dave if they were gonna upgrade (read: replace) the GSedit program, and he said, no, they are just going to tweak it, so as not to put off existing users. I was very dissapointed to hear this, especially when all I ever hear from existing users is how much they hate the GSedit interface.

    You know, theres a little program, that\'s been knocked up by an end-user for the A3000 sampler, called b-zone. It is by no means comprehensive, and yet, it is easily superior to the GSeditor.

    Nemesys really should listen to the people who are using it. I think the editor is priority 1, and things like added polyphony and FX are lower priorities right now.


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