Hi all,

After looking high and low for a good quality GSIF capable card, I think I may have found a good price/benefits card. Echo has long been known for good quality. Their price was usually reasonable for mid-level. But the MIA looks almost too good to be true. At just under $200 street, it has 8 outputs (2 balanced outputs, but 8 virtual outs), each assignable with the multi-client driver for different apps. The most impressive part that I have found is the quality of the sound, due to its balanced ins/outs and very high-quality 24-bit/96Khz AD/DA converters. I think the only thing that bugs me is that its been around for more than a year and the price doesn\'t seem to have dropped much, and I am afraid that if I buy it, a newer possibly better card with something like 192Khz and possibly MIDI in/out will come out and I\'ll have wasted my money.

But all in all, for around $200 (USD), it looks pretty damn nice.

Just thought I\'d pass this bit on.