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Topic: Delta 1010-LT - good card?

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    Delta 1010-LT - good card?

    Anyone with a working 1010LT? I\'m ready to purchase my luchbox rig and want to be sure that I can get it operational. (Intel 845 mobo, AGP graphics, 1.7 GHz P4, etc. etc.)

    Any info appreciated.


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    Re: Delta 1010-LT - good card?

    Don\'t know if it will of any help to you, but I own Delta 1010 (not LT, full 1010) and it\'s one of the best sounding cards I\'ve tried (among DIGI100, Pulsar, Terratec, MOTU,...). My friend, who is a serious music producer, has Delta1010-LT at home, and says that it is great also... I know that there were some issues though, one of witch I\'m experiencing these days, concerning WDM drivers & WIN 2K... The computer hangs, pops up blue screens, etc... but it also depends on the chipset & general integrity of your system... I think that Intel should work more stable than AMD,... I mean, I have an AMD Athlon, and it is very FAST, but It also is likely to crash every few minutes, so... you get the point... Hope it works for you ! All the best


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