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Topic: How's the Terratec EWS88D working out?

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    How\'s the Terratec EWS88D working out?

    A fellow Gig-er is using the Terratec EWS88D in his studio rig. It appears to have everything I need in my portable rig PCI card - ADAT for my studio ramblings, 2 MIDI ins for live performance, S/PDIF, etc. and the price is excellent.

    Who\'s using one, and what are your experiences? Recommend? Don\'t touch with a 10-foot MIDI cord? What DOESN\'T it do?



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    Re: How\'s the Terratec EWS88D working out?

    I am also interested in either this card, the EWS24/96 or the new DMX6Fire 24/96. This last one looks like the best choice, but not sure. Love to hear any feedback if these cards, for the price really work! Do they offer 5 to 8ms timing properly? Do they sound good? I have SB Audigy which wont work with GigaStudio.

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    Re: How\'s the Terratec EWS88D working out?

    Well, I did a recording session last night at my friend\'s house. His new Dell with XP would not play through the Terratec audio out, and without the Clockworks card, he could not get the S/PDIF port to work without clicks. THe manual is not an easy read, but it appears that System audio (as TT calls the analog out) requires Directsound, which is not available under XP.

    There may be replacement drivers, but so far, I wound up playing my XP-80 piano, which is a REALLY poor substitute for Gigapiano.

    Anyone have a work-around? (I\'m going to check the TT website, my guy is not especially computer-literate...


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    Re: How\'s the Terratec EWS88D working out?

    I bought one 18mths or so ago, to use with GSt in W98SE. Couldn\'t get an audio signal from the SystemSound output for monitoring purposes, despite downloading different drivers, tech support (clueless). Grief. Then discovered the delights of a discarded SB Live and have been happy since.

    The EWS88D should come with a health warning

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    Re: How\'s the Terratec EWS88D working out?

    Thanks, Beckers. That\'s exactly the experience we had last nite (and will again tonight, no doubt!) I just talked to the Soundchaser guys, who confirm the diagnosis-buy a ten-foot pole first!


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    Re: How\'s the Terratec EWS88D working out?

    Just to confirm--the System out port will not let you monitor Giga sounds, but on the other hand, I don\'t think it was intended to let you do this. This card is an older card that, like the Wave Center PCI card, is meant to be used with other devices that let you monitor Giga sounds. Its lightpipe\\ADAT interface is great, and that was its main selling point. The Giga compatability was added later, and it was apparently assumed that you were using it with an external unit (a mixer or hard disk recorder) from which you could monitor Giga sounds.

    I am still trying to monitor Giga from a Fostex VF-16 using this card, and getting strange sounds, but I haven\'t yet(hope springs for a long time, if not eternal)exhausted many other configuration problems that may cause the odd sounds I\'m getting. Apparently, Gigasampler\\Sudio is so new (after four years) that sound card manufacturers still don\'t know what to do about it, and calling their product compatable may mean that it is compatable only if you know how to use it with external devices. In other words, they work, but the definition of the term \"work\" may vary. (Anyone else out there trying to monitor their Giga sounds with an external multitrack?)

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    Re: How\'s the Terratec EWS88D working out?

    Thanks, Jake. That is one of my plans for Giga, to record directly to either Digital Performer or my Mackie HDR24/96, and the ability to monitor is important. I\'ve just about decided to gowith the Delta 101LT and add lightpipe later when it\'s stable (I\'m building a luchbox DAW)

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    Re: How\'s the Terratec EWS88D working out?

    To correct any misperception: I\'m now getting ecellent sound from my Terratec EWS 88D. Configuring the card correctly and getting the Fostex VF-16 setup correctly took awhile, but everything is now working fine.

    This appears to be a good card. Configuring Giga, your computer, a sound card, and a digital multitrack to work together, however will require that you e-mail support for the sound card company and the digital mixer to find solution. My thanks to the people at Fostex, particularly.

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    Re: How\'s the Terratec EWS88D working out?

    Thanks, Jake. I\'ve since given up on the card for my purposes, but my friend just ordered the Clockworks upgrade. I\'m going with the Echo Layla 24, it\'s bigger but does everything I could ask for (I hope, won\'t get my new computer till Friday!)


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