I\'m not sure it\'s the sound card, but using a Terratec EWS 88D, I\'m getting very strange sounds from Giga when I monitor it using a Fostex multitrack (an VF-16). When I play a note, the sound seems very distant and slow to reach its peak. Piano sounds seem detuned, exactly as if I played a note on a piano with loose strings in the upper register and in the upper register as if distant bombs are detonating. Notes in the Night Vision and Radioactive Choir samples seem to come to full volume slowly and crackle, and sound very much alike.

Could this result from a slow hard drive? The problem doesn\'t occur just when I try to play chords or strain the polyphony. I can\'t get a single to sound right. (The EWS 88D is great at letting me play sounds in Virtual Sampler and letting me send tracks to and from the VF-16, so it\'s not a defective card.) In another post, someone mentions that you shouldn\'t map both Giga and your sound out to the same drivers, since this strains the hard drive, but I can\'t figure out how to map them separately and still get any sound.