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Topic: vertical panning and board problem???

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    vertical panning and board problem???

    two quick questions:

    one how does everyone handle vertical panning? panning left to right is no problem but I am having trouble making a conviecing vertical pan ie brass behind the strings. any ideas or tricks? fav. plugins and setting to use?

    and two: every time I come to this board no refreshes. ie even though I read messages when I come back they are still marked unread. Is anyone else having this problem?


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    Re: vertical panning and board problem???

    To get more depth (front to back) you can try a few things. It\'s a combination of all these things.
    1. Adjust the volume and pan of course
    2. Adjust the reverb. A little wetter in the rear, a little dryer in the front.
    3. Sometimes a little delay can help the instruments further back.
    Paul Gilreath covers this very well in \"Techniques of MIDI Orchestration\"
    I also noticed this user group treats my posts as \"new\" Anytime I post, the folder turns read as if a new post is there that I haven\'t read. You just have to double check the red folders and scroll to the bottom and find your post and see if there is anything below it in the list.

    Take care

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