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Topic: GRANDIOSO libraries in KONTAKT

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    GRANDIOSO libraries in KONTAKT

    Just a short question regarding our upcoming Kontakt releases: The PMI Gandioso Steinway D and PMI Bösendorfer 290 (and the Post Estonia and Post Piano Suite) grand piano libraries in Native Instruments Kontakt format are almost finished. Sheduled release is next week.

    We are now looking at the distribution format options; multiple cd\'s or DVD. What is best?

    And which format is most used Mac or PC?
    Can Mac users read WAV-files just as easily as PC users?
    And do all Mac users know how to read compressed WinRar files?

    Your opinions or suggestions are welcome!

    Michiel Post

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    Re: GRANDIOSO libraries in KONTAKT

    ...I\'d prefer DVD

    -david abraham

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    Re: GRANDIOSO libraries in KONTAKT

    Mac users have no problems with WAV files....don\'t use WINRAR, use ZIP.

    DVD is the most efficient, but safest is CD because not everyone has DVD\'s.

    More PCs than Macs out there. They\'re cheaper

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    Re: GRANDIOSO libraries in KONTAKT

    Multiple CD\'s. Will Kontakt versions be 24-bit?



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    Re: GRANDIOSO libraries in KONTAKT

    I was still believing zip doesn\'t work with files larger than 1 GB. Is that true?

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