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Topic: XP and any SoundCard?

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    XP and any SoundCard?

    Hi, realise this has come up before for specific cards, but would really like some advice.
    Just upgraded to XP (fool, I know). Used to run GS with Cubase and the Sblive which was great but it\'s obviously not supported anymore.
    So, rather than reformat both har drives back to FAT32, i may aswell just get a new soundcard, it\'s not worth the pain.
    Any advice?
    Want a midi compatible card I think (doesn\'t it have to be to use gs?), pref 24 bit ADC/DAC at least, massively stable, zero latency, don\'t need more than 2 channels, but 4 with an option to add on would be nice, v low noise, same kind of ins/outs as the sblive.
    Any suggestions? oh, and a reasonable support team would be nice. Am i just asking too much?

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    Re: XP and any SoundCard?

    Many of the GSIF cards don\'t have MIDI interfaces on them, however, you probably can leave your SBLive in place and use the MIDI on that. I can\'t recommend a particular card but you can get a decent 2-channel card for about $150 or so. I have some Echo MIA\'s that sound excellent and would be under $200. I did have some setup issues with them but after that was resolved they have been solid.

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    Re: XP and any SoundCard?

    MAudio Audiophile 2496 works well with XP& Gigastudio. It has midi too.
    Doug\'s advice to use Sblive For midi sounds reasonable... In fact, I do so!
    cheap but good alternative would be Auiotrak Maya & Maya 44!
    Maya 7.1 the cheapest souncard for GSt ?
    Have anyone tested it?
    Hoontechs DSPValue 24 is good and cheap but I think there are no WIN XP
    drivers for Gigastudio, only ASIO.

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    Re: XP and any SoundCard?

    Hi, this forum seems to be a little less active these days (?!). I\'ve been asking around anyway, and does anyone use the RME Multiface?
    How does it cope?

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    Re: XP and any SoundCard?


    Check out the wamirack 24 by Egosys...
    it got Midi & audio and it\'s stable with XP and has
    around 4 to 5 ms of latency at 64 sample buffer setting under GSIF drivers..



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