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Topic: Giga tracks into Logic via ADAT

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    Giga tracks into Logic via ADAT

    I\'d like some advice on a soundcard for a planned new sequencing and recording PC to run
    Logic and accept Giga tracks from my second PC via ADAT lightpipe. Also, a question about
    integrating Giga inputs via ADAT into Logic.

    Currently, I run the Giga adat outputs into a Yamaha DS2416 (the DSP factory) that\'s in the
    main Logic PC. I use the DS2416 with Logic\'s own built-in support (no third-party mixer such
    as C-Contro), alongside Audiowerk for audio tracks and digital instruments. The problem is
    that you can\'t introduce the adat tracks into Logic\'s mixer until you\'ve printed them to a hard
    disk, and when you do record to disk the tracks are out of sync with the Audiowerk tracks.
    That\'s a nuisance.

    I\'d like to get one great all-around card to replace both the DS2416 and the Audiowerk,
    one that could take say 16 adat tracks and also playback multiple audio tracks and handle
    some digital instruments. Also, I\'d like to know whether there are cards that can port the
    Adat tracks directly into Logic\'s mixer and if so, are there any latency issues? If the tracks
    can not be introduced directly into the mixer, is there a card that can at least record that
    volume of adat tracks without losing any synch with the rest of the audio?

    Thanks much in advance for your advice,

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    Re: Giga tracks into Logic via ADAT

    Well Arch, I\'m doing that (or maybe the opposite, since I don\'t know what you mean by \"Giga\'s Adats\"...)

    2 Pulsar cards (that\'s 4 ADAT pipes in and 4 out) feed the GigaSt\'s audio out of one computer over to Paris on another computer...I\'m not suggesting you get Paris at this sadly late stage in its career, but there is no noticeable latency in terms of hitting the keyboard and hearing the Giga sounds through Paris...

    If you don\'t need Pulsar-style ADAT out cards for the Giga computer, you could use them in the Logic computer...they work together via ASIO...couldn\'t say about latency or not...


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