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Topic: Gst 2.5 only seeing 2 outs to Pulsar 3.1's GSIF

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    Gst 2.5 only seeing 2 outs to Pulsar 3.1\'s GSIF

    Help Guys!

    just installed Gst 2.5.x on a W2k computer housing Pulsar I and II cards running 3.1 software

    this should show up to 32 GSIF outs to the Pulsar mixer BUT Gst 2.5\'s Select Hardware Output Channels box only shows, and Pulsar\'s GSIF module and mixer is only receiving, 2 out channels of audio from Gst.

    tried running Gst\'s Diagnostics and it reports

    \"There are 1 GSIF Compatible card(s)
    Hardware Adapter 0
    Scope/Pulsar Multichannel Driver (Card 1)\"

    I\'m prolly doing something stupid, right?


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    Re: Gst 2.5 only seeing 2 outs to Pulsar 3.1\'s GSIF

    Is your GSIF module in your SFP set to the desired number of outputs? If so, your GS should show the corresponding checkboxes in \"settings\", which you must check to activate them. That\'s all I had to do to get it going... Hope that it helps...

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