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Topic: Hiss issue revisited

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    Hiss issue revisited

    I've been attempting to reduce the hiss/"string" noise without much luck. I've loaded the four different IR's, played with the wet/drysliders, twirled the high pass/low pass knobs, and still not happy with the noise level. I see at the bottom of the Kontakt window "Group edited: 1/25 (bow noise MF)" in red. What does this mean? Can't find any reference to it in the documentation. I'm still new to Kontakt 2, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

    - DP Jim

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    Re: Hiss issue revisited

    To follow up:
    Giorgio sent me a personal email, after which we disacovered that I had dragged the CC#11 over to the volume slider (because of a previous misunderstanding), and that's where the extra noise was coming from. All is now well. Again, a big Thank You, Giorgio. (And when am I going to get my finmgers on a cello?!!) - Jim

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