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Topic: 2 machine setup

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    2 machine setup

    I\'m looking to set up a 2 machine Giga setup. Is it as simple as routing the digital out from machine 1 to the digital in of machine 2 and just telling machine 2 to mix the input with what Giga is producing and put it on the digital output? I\'m trying to figure out if I need an external digital mixer, or if I can just do this with my soundcard.

    Currently I have an Audiophile 24/96 which works fine. I could get another of these for the 2nd machine, or something else if necessary.


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    Re: 2 machine setup

    That is precisely what I am doing: digital out of first machine to digital in of second. Works fine. I\'m using Echo MIA cards and the signals pass right through the software mixer just fine. To use the digital outputs smoothly you will need to set the clock on the \"receiving\" card to synch to the clock of the \"sending\" card. Otherwise the results may be less than wonderful. - Doug

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