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Topic: sb 128 and gigasampler 1.60

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    sb 128 and gigasampler 1.60

    hello, on my pcwin 98 i\'ve installed sb128 model ct4810 but gigasampler 1.60 doesn\'t reconize the outputs!!

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    Re: sb 128 and gigasampler 1.60


    Hello, i see you going to have a few problems using that audio card.... its a great multimedia card but not really up to what giga requires to run 100%

    I did use a Sblive for giga but found that it was only a good card if i didnt use lots of plug-ins and too many channels in giga.....
    I also tried a SW1000XG card but its not really all that great. (Bit old now)

    If you want a good card i would quite happily recomend the Delta range 44/66/1010 - ive just picked one up for £168.00 and it really makes a difference...

    I may be wrong about this but i belive that you only get out what you put in so a better card would help a great deal.

    Also the Delta range are GSIF compatable. and even work in Windows XP.

    If your after advice about the card because your on a tight budget then you may want to consider the sound blaster live to start with, they can be purchased for very little (Around £30) and will work in Giga studio...

    Good luck with your Music [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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