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Topic: OT: Help Wanted with EMU 1616M PCI

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    Question OT: Help Wanted with EMU 1616M PCI

    Sorry for the off topic post but there are a lot of smart people here who may be able to help me out.

    I just bought an Emu 1616M PCI soundcard and audio dock to replace my faithful Echo Mia card.

    I have a P4 2.6ghz with 2 gigs of Ram and 3 Hard drives. I run Cubase SL 2.0 as my sequencer. All functioned nicley with the Echo Mia.

    When I load up a song that I have done in the past with the new card I get some noticeable latency and clicks, pops and stuttering. if i increase the latency it gets a bit better (the clicking and popping) but still not as it should be. Plus playing into the sequencer with this degree of latency is maddening. This is all happening with the EMU ASIO driver. If I change the driver to the WDM driver it works better, but again still not perfect.

    Why would the Mia work fine and the EMU not so well? Reworking my machine to accomodate this card is going to be a nightmare. Any sugeestions or comments are welcome! If anyone has a better suggestion for a multi in and output audio card in the $500 range I be happy to hear as I am still able to return this one. I do love EMU and the features on this card are really nice. it allows me to dump my mixing board and slim down my setup. Plus the converters are great and it comes with some nice bells and whistles.

    Thanks again for any input,

    All the very best,


    PS Apparently my drivers for the EMU are right up to date as well...
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    Re: OT: Help Wanted with EMU 1616M PCI

    Maybe you can ask here, about that card, a bunch of knowledge folks that use it an maybe can help you.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: OT: Help Wanted with EMU 1616M PCI

    Hi Darren. I have a similar setup as you tech wise. I am using the EMU 1820M with ASIO latency set at 6 ms and it works fantastic. I haven't done any crazy projects recently and haven't experimented making latency lower because it works fine for me as is.

    I am no expert, but my hunch is you may be having a conflict with your Echo audio drivers. If they weren't uninstalled correctly that can cause problems with EMU drivers. If you do not plan on using Echo right now, I would do the following:

    1. Go into Safe mode and Uninstall the EMU drivers and delete any EMU and Creative related folders in your program files. Then goto your registry and do the same. (If you are unfamiliar with registry, do not go there. If you are go to the software folders and look for Creative and/or EMU and delete the entire folder)

    2. Go into safe mode and Uninstall the Echo drivers and delete all associated folders as above.

    3. Use a driver cleaner and clean all relevant audio drivers.

    Go into system properties and make sure there are no listings for Echo, Creative and EMU.

    Now restart your computer and run the latest registry cleaner if you have one (Registry Mechanic or Registry Booster).

    Then run latest versions of Spybot and/or Adaware.

    When you reboot, go into BIOS and make sure the onboard sound is turned off.

    Upon full reboot, install the EMU drivers correctly as advised on the EMU forum up to the latest version.

    Hope this helps!
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