Just trying to convert existing midi tracks made with Giga instruments to wav in my humble PowerTracks7 sequencer, which is supposed to do this fine at the 16bit/44.1 level. So I set everything (Giga and PowerTracks and my Terratec EWX2496 sound card) to this level and still no go.

I think I dont have Audio Devices selected properly. PowerTracks wants me to select from:

Audio In:
Microsoft Sound Mapper
EWX2496 Wave Analog
EWX2496 Wave SPDIF
EWX2496 Wave Rec Mixer

Audio Out:
(the same four choices)

Any sound card pros who can help me understand which of these to select or what else I might be doing wrong? I get nothing when I click on the convert to wav function in PowerTracks except a nice playback out my speakers on the usual Midi level and an error message \"MMSYSTEM008 This function is not supported. Use the Capabilities function to determine what this driver supports.\"

THANKS for any pointers!