Hi folks,
this afternoon I decided ( ) to update my working installation of GS3 ensamble with service pack 2 of windows xp.
I run this program since two years without problems.
After the O.S. update, the programs asked me to refresh the registration key, I followed the registration procedure and after few minutes I received the code. I launched the GS3 license manager and filled the key:
result: XP crash (code 0x000007F).
I tried several times without success, disabling all services and peripheral not needed.
The GS3 ensemble is updated to last version.
The xp partition does not contain any software except gigastudio and cakewalk sequencer. Audio board terrate ew 24/96.
By the way, i decided to update the O.S. because I bought a Teac US-144 that requires service pack2 to work.
Before reverting the service pack installation I would check if there is a workaround to solve the problem.
Any help will be apreciated.
Tks in advance