I\'m not yet an owner but very interested in Gigasampler. In the time since this was introduced, cpu power and hd speeds have increased but I am a little suprised that polyphony has not. Especially since this is completely software based. It strikes me that something like Gigasampler should be unlimited polyphony only limited by what each individual setup can handle.

Don\'t get me wrong, I really beleive that Gigasampler is an exciting and dramatic leap in sampling technology, but the 64 note polyphony bottleneck makes me hesitant to jump in at this point. When I first heard about Gigasampler, my thought was, \"Great, now I can load in tons of symphonic samples, full drum kits and percussion, piano, loops etc.\" Then I realized that unfortunately the 64 note polyphony was going to limit how much I could really do at once.

I\'m just wondering if there are any plans to increase polyphony and if any current users wish they had more voices.