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Topic: Please advice

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    Please advice

    I am going to buy a soundcard to run Gigastudio.
    Please tell me what can I get for around 300$, with a midi interface, and good quality?

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    Re: Please advice


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    Re: Please advice

    Hey Sergione - It really depends on what you want to do musically and technology-wise. How many audio ins and outs do you need, how many digital? For what kind of purposes - live instruments with giga and a sequencer ? Cubase and VST instruments with Giga? Just Giga and recording to your hard disk ? And what kind of PC/operating system do you have.

    I\'m no expert. But I\'m using Giga just fine with two hard drives and a software sequencer all in my Win98se PC - with the Terratec EWX2496 sound card that goes for just $179 !

    This card has one pair of RCA audio outs, one pair of RCA audio ins, one digital in and one digital out PLUS a nice joystick style Midi adapter for my synth-keyboard. But I have a very small setup - I just use Giga and some sounds from my synth-keyboard and record to hard disk and then out to an external CDR via digital out.

    Use www.nemesysmusic.com and go to Products and then to Hardware Requirements. Here you\'ll see most of the GSIF compatible cards that you MUST use with GigaStudio. Then go to a website like www.digitalaudioworks.com where you can look up the cards you think might work for you that are GSIF compatible with all the specs on that card and the typical prices. Then you can start really narrowing things down and asking more specific questions about particular cards. Best, LifeForce

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