I\'m preparing to get a laptop for the GigaGig Rig.

My goal is to have GS and a sequencer (probably FAsoft) on the main 20-30GB drive with a 1394 external drive, probably 60-80 GB 7200 RPM.

I want an audio.midi IF to do te following:

audio 2-tk out full Giga quality.
MIDI in- 2 ports.
MIDI out-1 or 2 ports

Want to connect from my MIDI keyboard and external sequencer to GS (either straight or through the internal sequencer is fine) and be able to get MIDI back out from the sequencer to play instruments not on the GS channels (organ module and Roland SC-88 Sound Canvas)

Would prefer an I/F that connected PCMCIA, but USB is ok if it\'s fast enough. Primary goal here is internal card, not external third piece to carry (beside computer and Firewire drive.)

I have not finalized the computer spec, but the general description is:

Min 1.4 GHz PIII or P4, prefer P4 mobile.
20-30GB internal Ultra ATA drive
256MB RAM minimum, will want 512-1024MB eventually.

No modem needed, tho\' a NIC (network) card would be useful.

Bottom line, 160 voice Giga thruput with 16 instruments (MIDI channels) playing, plus another 16 MIDI channels sent out to the SC-88 or organ module.

Any suggestions that you know for sure work would be appreciated, for the I/F, and/or 1394 drive and/or computer.

Would like the computer to be under $1700 without the drive and I/F.