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Topic: Drivers for WaveCenter/PCI

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    Drivers for WaveCenter/PCI

    Hi! I have the WaveCenter/PCI-card running on a Windows 98SE computer. I have installed driver version 2.09. On Frontier\'s web site you can also download a WDM driver. Can anyone explain to me what seperates the WDM driver from the regular one. (I don\'t even know what a WDM driver is!) Am I supposed to install both drivers?

    I\'m planning on upgrading to Windows 2000 Pro and GigaStudio 96 2.5. Will that affect which driver I need to use?

    Please help! Thanks!

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    Re: Drivers for WaveCenter/PCI

    I wouldn\'r recomend them for 98se but you\'ll need them for 2K or XP.WDM drivers are low latencey drivers written for those platforms.So far only Sonar can take advantage of them but they are required for 2K and XP.Asio and Easi and GSIF drivers will also be installed.

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    Re: Drivers for WaveCenter/PCI

    I found this link posted on another forum. it gives a good explaination of WDM drivers.

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    Re: Drivers for WaveCenter/PCI

    Alan and JohnS!

    Thank you both for your replies!

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