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Topic: Sample Library Management

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    Sample Library Management

    Hi all. As I slowly continue to experiment with GS 3.2, GVI, etc, I have a question about how you all manage sample libraries. Just from, for example, content that comes with products, some free libraries, etc, I might have 20 different trumpets that reside in all different folders all over my sample drive. If I want a trumpet sound for something, I end up looking all over the place for different trumpets that don't reside in one place.

    Do you all move your samples around so they are better organized than how they originally load or do you use special sofware to catalog and manage samples that reside all over the place.

    I appreciate any guidance from all of you on how to effectively manage the multitudes of samples you eventually end up with over time.


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    Re: Sample Library Management

    My organization is like this

    DriveLetter:\Gigs\VendorName\ProductName\Files.gig (or gsi, or gsp)

    I normally leave Quicksound set for *.gig | *.gsi | *.gsp

    If you want to search for trumpets, just enter "trumpets" in the Quicksound window.

    Unfortunately, many vendors forget to add the help data to their gigs. If you work best when highly organized, you can easily edit the files to add the keywords. I don't bother. I find that I end up using a managable number of favorite instruments, and I can remember where to find them based on the VendorName.

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    Smile Re: Sample Library Management

    My approach is similar to Jon's; I continue to tweak it, but most aspects of it have not changed in several years. I wanted something that made sense to me and minimized my backup work. Also something that would minimize defragmentation time.


    I use QuickSound. I thinks it's wonderful, but also has been a major source of Giga user problems.

    The default is (and has been) to "monitor file activity". I learned almost immediately after GigaStudio was introduced that I need to disable this. I'm amazed it's still defaulted!

    I carefully fix which drives and which folders GS investigates. Historically, my sample folders haven't changed all that often, so it's been very easy to click the "Rebuild Entire Quicksound Datebase Now" button now and then. I keep my other audio files out of the search zone.

    I recently got GS3 tutorial DVD's from LGS. One of the tutorials was about QuickSound and it gave me some ideas. I think I am going to start tagging some of my samples as they suggest.



    Gigs\vendor\author\product name\files.gig

    I have a "Gigs" folder or folders. Though I have always had a "samples" drive, I do this for these reasons:

    1. I have a bad habit (which I can't seem to shake) of looking for large open spaces, for temporary storage of a large file. That "Gigs" folder keeps the samples separate from the trash when I do a housecleaning.

    2. I keep getting bigger and bigger sample disks (sometimes multiple sample disks). The "Gigs" folder makes a simple copy really easy.


    MY edits go in this directory, as I back them up.

    Gigs\Edits\..as before..


    I have a "Free" folder and within that I have another directory structure. (So even if I already have sample libraries from a vendor, I make a new vendor folder under the "Free" directory.) Where possible, I have another directory to credit the recordist.

    Gigs\Free\vendor\recordist\sample library\files.gig

    I usually have this info when I download, and it (all info) tends to get away from me; this method helps me remember the gift giver.

    I don't expect "free" libraries to have any support. I keep them sequestered for this reason and for possible future licensing questions if they are used commercially.


    Goodies thrown in with GigaSampler, GS, GS3, GVI I put in a "Bundled" directory. Sometimes I already have the library which a bundled subset comes from; sometimes I will subsequently get it.

    Is there duplication? Yep! But I don't care. When I install, I want to install everything. As long as I keep it pigeonholed it's OK. Storage is cheap!

    Finally, I try very hard to keep all of MY work segregated. For safety, I put my capitalized initials on EVERYTHING I do.

    So, for instance, if I write a song called "My Song" (hopefully Elton and Bernie will forgive me), my DAW would spit out

    "XXX My Song.wav".

    I'm absolutely PARANOID about losing my work; I put my heart and soul into it.

    This triggers a "Caution!" alert in me when housecleaning (looking for deletions). It serves as a good double-check when I backup. It also makes for very easy searching in MS Windows, years later, when I am going through older hard disks in search of past work. (I just search on my capitalized initials.)

    Obviously, "My Song" and each of my other songs could go in a folder. They do. But it's not the same. When I make a mistake on that first "File, Save As" (which may not be caught) and the song ends up in the wrong place (it's happened), I can find it, even years later.

    "Giga Performances and Stacks (.gsp and .gsi)"

    If they're mine, they go in "Giga Performances" or a "Giga Stacks" folders on a separate disk. These take little storage, and they get backed up regularly.

    Again, my initials go on the files. For example, "drive\Giga Performances\XXX My Song.gsp".


    I've a separate drive and directory structure for GigaPulses (actually all IR's) as per Tascam's recommendations, whether GS3 or the GigaPulse plugin is used.

    My samples take a good amount of storage. I've organized my stuff so that I do not have to back up the samples. I regularly backup MY work, and I regularly backup (image) the Giga boot drive.

    Such as it is, that's how I do it.

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