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Topic: Latency with creamware card runing on XP

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    Latency with creamware card runing on XP

    I\'we heard that the creamware cards new software version 3.1 scope fusion platform, have a 32 chanel GSIF driver in the win 2000/XP OS.

    Anyone... Is it any good?, I curently use motu 2408MkII witch I can set to 64 buffers 1,5Ms, no pro no clicks and pops. That is running GS by it self,. if I route the GS audio directly form the card to an ASIO in, the buffer has to be set to 256.

    How is the latency with version 3.1 software playing directly from GS? Internely streaming from GS to ASIO? Internaly streaming from GS to ASIO using plugins in Luna, Pulsar???

    All info is greatly apprechiated!

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    Re: Latency with creamware card runing on XP

    I just had my setup running with SPF 3.1 and everything seems to work fine. I had a piano chord of 150 notes without a glitch!! I\'m not in XP now, so I cannot confirm how it goes, but imo it should be better than WINme!

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