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Topic: Another DSP24 value problem :(

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    Another DSP24 value problem :(

    Now I\'ve managed to get sound from value card, wav and midi, but recording is a another thing. I use Cubase 5, Gigastudio 96 and Soundforge 5 for recording. I have my hifi connected in 1/2 RCA output. I have tried to study manual but all these inputs and outputs make me confused! I only get odd sounds when recording and always there is some messages like: \"output/input is used by another program.\" Tell me how do you set your out/inputs in internal and output mixer. What about in programs like Soundforge?

    Also I cant use the value\'s own ASIO driver in Cubase. It is strangely used for some other program too...

    I would appreciate if you send \"beginner tutorialish advice\" to me, because I\'m totally lost. I didn\'t have any problems with Live Platinium card.

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    Re: Another DSP24 value problem :(

    I did some testing and when I try to record higher than 44.1 Hz, sound is distorded. I don\'t understand how changing recording quality in soundforge affects also in output sound from gigastudio. How can I ever record in 24/96? Althought there\'s no problem in recording 24bit...

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    Re: Another DSP24 value problem :(

    Make sure you set up in the \"hardware settings\" (under file) in the DSP24\'s extermal mixer, the settings for CUBASE as per the manual.

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    Re: Another DSP24 value problem :(

    I started to use Logic Soundtrack 24, with setups like in manual. Same prob. Gigafiles are 16bit 44.1 righ? It seams that I have to work always with that samplerate... ...don\'t understand [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Another DSP24 value problem :(

    Afraid I can\'t help you with the 24/96 problem. Maybe someone more experienced in this area can help you.

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