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Topic: More Problems with Audiophile 2496...Please help

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    More Problems with Audiophile 2496...Please help

    I have a Pentium III, 800Mhz, 512Meg of ram with a dedicated 30GB 7200 rpm hard drive. I am
    running Win98SE. I have both an SBLive and an Audiophile 2496 sound cards. Up until last
    week, I only had the SBLive. A couple of months ago, a friend let me \"test drive\"
    Gigastudio V2.2. It ran beautifully with my SBLive using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. The sound
    was amazing. My friends suggested that I purchase a real audio card. One that had the GSIF
    drivers the that newer version of Gigastudio wants (V2.5) Last week, I purchased the
    Audiophile 2496. After installing it and its drivers, I sounded quite a bit better than
    the SBLive. I was smiling. The Audiophile card also came with GSIF drivers and a scaled
    down version of Gigastudio V2.5. Awesome... I was on my way to great giga sample sounds.
    Not to happen. After I uninstalled Gigastudio V2.2 and installed V2.5 (I new that SBLive
    was not supported... but I have a \"real\" card now) my MIDI files didn\'t sound right
    at all. As a matter of fact, the old Soundfonts played with the SBLive sounded much better.
    When using Gigastudio, the files play choppy and stacatto-ee. They sound really bad. I did
    some further checking and noticed that when I watch a track in Cakewalk using staff view,
    it plays differently when solo or not solo. When solo, the track plays perfectly. When not
    solo, it looks and sounds like its dropping notes and not playing them at all. I watch them
    in staff view but I don\'t hear them. These files are all MIDI. There is no audio data/tracks in them at all.
    I have de-fragged, I swapped the two cards so that the Audiophile card uses IRQ 9 and
    SBLive uses IRQ 5. I have disabled the SBLive card from within Cakewalk. I have set the
    buffer size to 1056 in Audiophile control panel with no change what so-ever. Not even a
    little better. If I have to remove the SBLive, I will. I would rather not because I still
    use the Soundfonts and for system sounds..... PLEASE HELLLLLLLLLLLP

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    Re: More Problems with Audiophile 2496...Please help

    1) First try to temporarily uninstall/remove the Soundblaster and its drivers. There may be some conflicts here.

    2) I have the buffer samples set at 512 for the Audiophile, so this should be a safe setting. Midiman posted new drivers May 10th, download and upgrade.

    3) Run the Audio Profile in Cakewalk and make sure CW is using WDM-drivers for the Audiophile.

    4) Generally it is better to have all system sounds turned off. You never know when Windows decides to give you a ring, probably when you are recording or in the bath..

    5) I think the (cheaper) Gigaversion of Translator will convert soundfonts -> gigs.

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